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Private Investigative Services

Licensed Investigator #189232

TRUSTED EYE INVESTIGATIONS LLC., is a California licensed private investigations agency specializing in family law, civil and legal investigations. We are a leading provider of investigative and research services for law firms, corporations, and insurance companies. We have a team of qualified investigators with an expertise in locating actionable evidence and information for our clients. Our investigators have extensive training and experience in a variety of investigative areas, which enables us to complete concise and comprehensive investigations. Part of this process includes educating our clients about investigative protocols and discussing potential obstacles in obtaining a proper evidence-based investigation. Our main goal is to conduct unbiased and impartial investigations by utilizing fact-finding methods that assist our clients in making proper legal and business decisions.


Call 760.672.7034 to speak with one of our licensed investigators to discuss your case goals and objectives. All calls are considered confidential communications.


Private Investigations

Trusted Eye Investigations offers a wide variety of Investigative Services. Some of our services include:

- Surveillance Investigations

- Family Law Investigations

- Civil and Legal Investigations

- Criminal Defense Investigations


- Court Records Research

- Skip Tracing/Person Locates

- Child Welfare/Custody/Visitation Investigations

- Personal Injury Investigations

- Missing Person Searches

Service of Process

Trusted Eye Investigations is your tried, tested and trusted Process of Service. Some of our services include:

- Service of Summons & Subpoenas

- Temporary Restraining Orders

- Divorce & Family Law Matters

- Service of Emergency Protective Orders

- Stakeouts

- Small Claims

- Unlawful Detainers

- Arbitration Letters

We will provide transparent & actionable investigations, so you can make informed decisions.

> We recommend investigative strategies specific to your situation or legal case.

> We are committed to finding the evidence and answers you need.

> Expert investigative answers and advice you can count on.

> Free, no obligation investigative quote.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As always, we recommend that you contact a qualified attorney to obtain legal advice on the specific evidence or information that would benefit your legal case before you seek the services of a private investigator.

Investigative strategies specific to your situation or legal case.